The new Winchester Industrial Park is a modern industrial setting located immediately off of the Appalachian Highway (SR32) on Dorsey Road in Adams County. The site is visible from the highway. The Appalachian Highway links the Cincinnati market to East Coast markets and emerging oil and gas development in West Virginia.

The benefits of the upcoming Winchester Industrial Park include being in close proximity to Cincinnati and Columbus, each containing large airports, and is community owned with access to a large labor force. These key benefits make this site ideal for business.

The 55+ acre site is owned and operated by the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) and Board of Adams County Commissioners. The Industrial Park is a primary goal for the Adams County Board of County Commissioners. Once, finished this site will have water, sewer, gas, rail, 3 phase electric and broadband access.

It will be the first shovel ready site in Adams County’s Opportunity Zone.