The Adams County Community and Economic Development Department has many responsibilities. The office writes and administers grants for the county with one goal always in mind; improving the standard of living for the Adams County residents. The office strives to achieve this goal through all of the programs the office oversees. The office works with various grants and funding sources, such as;
  • Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP),
  • Community Development Block grant (CDBG),
  • Demolition programs, Infrastructure projects
  • Appalachian Regional Commission
  • Ohio Public Works,
  • Economic Development Administration,
  • Ohio Water Development Authority,
  • Southern Ohio Agricultural Community Development Foundation
These grants and funding sources help with many improvements throughout our county, from road improvements, waster water improvements, and waterlines extensions to helping low-moderate income individuals and families with home repairs that impact their health and safety. Another important aspect of the Adams County Economic and Community Development Department is economic growth within the county. This takes a lot of collaboration to find the resources that are available for new or existing businesses to relocate, build, or expand adding jobs and bringing added revenue to the county.

The office also serves as the Fair Housing Advocate for the county providing information for the laws and rights of the residents. All of the services that are provided through Adams County Economic Development Department are made available through the coordination and support of the Adams County Board of Commissioners.