Adams County Homeless Shelter
At Adams County Homeless Shelter (ACSH) we believe that everybody should have a home.  ACSH supports a range of housing assistance services in Ohio, including homeless prevention, rapid re-housing, and finding permanent affordable housing with linkages to supportive services, as needed. Since 1995, ACSH has worked on behalf of the homeless in need of emergency shelter; hoping that someday they will find shelter that can become lasting homes filled with life's possibilities.

Scope of Services: 
For homeless individuals within our geographic area.
ACSH is dependent on grants and donations for the day to day operation of  the shelter.
Accepting financial, volunteer and donation support  (clothing, furniture and personal.)
Emergency Shelter - accommodations for Families and Single Females & Males.
Limited to 30 day stay - Benefit Bank Site - HPRP Site - Office Hours 9 - 4 - (Monday thru Friday.)
Application required for admission to shelter - (not a drop off shelter.)

Our mission is to provide needed shelter for the homeless and those experiencing loss of affordable and safe housing.  Emergency shelter for families and individual adults.

Adams Brown Economic Community Action Partnership (ABCAP)

ABCAP (Adams Brown Community Action Partnership) is non-profit social service agency and an IRS designated 501(c)(3). Established in 1965, we are dedicated to increasing self-sufficiency of individuals and families in Adams & Brown Counties through education and supportive services. As an “umbrella” social service agency, we provide diverse services to low and moderate income residents of Adams and Brown Counties, Ohio.

Our mission is
"... to work towards the elimination of poverty,
... to help people and families achieve self-sufficiency,
...and to meet the needs of the community."