Adams County Housing Impact & Preservation Program (CHIP) is more than a government program in Adams County. To many, it is a lifeline.  Established nationally to offer assistance with home improvements to low to moderate income households, the Adams County CHIP team, which includes the full support of the Adams County Commissioners, is committed to promoting quality housing for their residents.

With $400,000 awarded for a two-year period, the Adams County CHIP team has proven, since 2003, to be very good stewards of these federal dollars. The CHIP program focus on two activities: Owner Rehabilitation and Owner Repair. The Owner Rehabilitation focuses on correcting substandard conditions so that owner- occupied homes are safe, healthy, durable, energy efficient and affordable while the Owner Repair is designed to correct one or more specific deficiencies that adversely affect the occupant’s health and safety and/or the house’s structural integrity.

Funding qualification and priority is determined by the program guidelines, which include household income, the priority rating of the home, the housing need, and availability of funds.